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You Are Christmas Magic!

Good Evening Mama!!!

First off, I can't believe I haven't written a post in almost two months!!! I am slipping!! If you read the last post, I mentioned I was in the middle of a move, and shortly after, I got a full-time job at a law firm, so y'all, I'm working working. I haven't worked full-time since my Navy days, and let me tell you, it's GHETTO, but because the legal field is my passion, I love it! So forgive me for being absent and not giving consistent content! Enough about me, it's Christmas Eve, y'all, and our children have worked our nerve all year, and now it's time to put on our Santa hat and bless them for it (insert your eye roll). When I was their age, I was on my best behavior; I would do anything and everything to make sure I didn't end up on the naughty list. When I tell you my belief was on another level, I'm telling you I truly believed in Santa. Till this day, I haven't even told my parents I used to ask Santa for long hair every year, probably until I was 11 (are you judging, lol). Y'all, I just knew Santa would give me hair to the middle of my back, and every Christmas morning, I would wake up bald-headed; but it never phased me; I would just ask for it again the following year. Looking back, I'm like this is why I have trust issues with men. If you are not laughing yet, lighten up, mama; it's Christmas Eve, and you don't have to work tomorrow!

How many of you are still Christmas shopping? I finished my shopping Thursday night by ordering my oldest his items online. I always wait till the last minute because he always spends the holidays in Jersey with his father, and in my mind, that means I have an extra week to procrastinate. Unfortunately, my procrastination was at an all-time high this year, and most of his items come in after he gets back, mom of the year, I know (LOL). As for my youngest two, tis the season to ROBUX, whew chillllleeeeeeeeee! I'm telling y'all they better have these skins/ virtual homes until they are 20! If you're not familiar with ROBUX because your children are still little, I need you to go on and thank the lawd right now!! I'm looking at these ROBUX cards like that's gas money in the real world. Christmas shopping used to be so easy when they were younger; any toy would amaze them; everything now is electronics. But as mamas, we want to see our kids happy, so we work hard and do our best to give our kids an amazing Christmas, so mama pat yourself on the back because GOT DAMN IT YOU DESERVE IT!!!

To every mama reading this, I want you to know you are AMAZING and if you don't hear it enough, thank you for all you do!! I know the holidays can bring on a considerable amount of stress, but mama, we are at the finish line!! So tomorrow, when your kids are smiling, and playing remember YOU are the reason why! YOU are the magic that brings Christmas alive! I know sometimes we beat ourselves up because we couldn't afford everything our kids asked for, but I promise your child(ren) will be okay. At the end of the day, it's the memories, love, and experiences they remember! So often, we shower our kids with so many gifts because we feel that if we don't, it somehow signifies the love we have for them, and I'm here to tell you that's not the case! Let's be honest how many expensive toys do we buy just to see in the corner three days later, never to be played with again? Over the years, I realized I wasted a lot of money trying to "prove my love" through gifts, and as crazy as it sounds, I know I'm not the only parent out there that has felt this pressure. Mama, if you feel like this, I need you to understand that whatever you have is enough, and no amount of gifts will change the love your child(ren) has for you! If you've made it this far reading, I hope you have a FABULOUS Christmas!

Remember, mama, don't let the stress of guests or preparing Christmas Dinner ruin your holiday! And please y'all no raisins in the Mac and Cheese, y'all be doing too damn much! I usually close out with a challenge, but I got nothing for you but to enjoy and love on your family! So many have lost loved ones this year, so the holidays aren't the same. To everyone who has lost someone, I pray that you can find peace and are surrounded by family who loves you. As always, peace and blessings.



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