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About The Blog

Hear It From Me

 This blog is for every mama out there that is struggling with just day to day life. As moms, we do it all, and sometimes we just feel under-appreciated, overwhelmed, and most importantly, TIRED! But mama's it's time to LOVE on OURSELVES and GET OUR SEXY BACK! Who said you can't be a mom and be FABULOUS too?!

As a mom, I realized the first thing we do is let ourselves go because we become so wrapped up in our children's lives we forget to live our dam selves. Mama's GUESS WHAT, WE AIN'T PERFECT, and THAT'S OKAY!! Let's learn to invest in ourselves because when we are happy and healthy, so are our children! So mama's, let's LIVE, GROW, and learn to LOVE ourselves unconditionally TOGETHER! 

So ladies, if you haven't heard it lately, let me be the one to tell you; THANK YOU,  I SEE YOU, and You are doing an AMAZING job!! Keep SHINING Boo!!

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