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Who Are You Living For?

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Hey Y'all!

Mamas, how was your holiday? Did the kids get everything their little hearts desired, or were you like me and attempted to stand firm and not buy everything they wanted? Well, if you're anything like me, you probably failed at that task. I broke down and bought my kids iPads, and honestly, it was the best worst mistake ever! For starters, the house is quiet. I mean, mamas, look at God, look at God, won't he do it? LOL! Honestly Saturday I didn't know what to do with myself it was so quiet, I wasn't prepared!!! I mean, I took three uninterrupted naps! Is that a blessing or naw? However, the downside is they have texted me all 645 emojis and have called me back to back to back as if no answer meant to call me one more time, LOL. But if I had to weigh my options, I'll take my naps and put my phone on do not disturb; I never said I was perfect; I'm a work in progress, lol!

So let's get to the real!!

Mamas, it's Monday, December 28th; what is your goal for 2021? I'm not talking about the typical weight loss, trying to yell less as a parent, and so on. For the next couple of days, Mamas think to yourself, what's the one thing I want to accomplish in 2021 that I've put off because I have children. I want you to write that goal down and make a plan to achieve it or put steps into motion (depending on how big your goal is) because 2021 is YOUR year, mama; you are going to manifest and surpass that goal! It is time to do something for you; it's time to LIVE, mama!! You can be a parent, and achieve your goals, do not let anyone tell you different! Yes, it will be hard, even stressful at times, but at the end of the day, when you feel tired and are ready to go to sleep, I can promise you it will be nothing compared to the amount of joy you feel once you've accomplished your GOAL, remember you are not doing this for anyone but YOURSELF! So mama, get excited, get a journal, and start manifesting in your life what you want because baby, when those kids are grown and got their own lives, you need to continue to live your life! Ask yourself, are you living for yourself, or are you living for your kids? It's okay to do both but make sure you have balance because you can't live their whole life for them!

I would love to hear your goals in the comments below!

I wish you nothing but a prosperous New Year and success in all you are trying to accomplish in 2021! You deserve it, mama!!



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I need to finish my vision board.


Jan 26, 2021


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