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7 Tips to Stay Motivated as a Busy Mom and Achieve Your Goals

Updated: Jan 28

Hey Mama!

I can hardly believe that we're almost at the end of the first month of 2024; time seems to be flying by. To be honest, this month has been nothing but exhausting for me. Work has been busier than ever with multiple trial preparations, leaving me with very little time to focus on my personal life. As I’m writing, I'm feeling drained, like I've lost all motivation. Have you ever felt like that? As moms, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the day-to-day responsibilities. We all have our days, and it's okay not to feel motivated all the time. The important thing is not to sit in it or get stuck in a negative mindset. Rather redirect your focus. For me, I decided to wake up earlier than my 4:00 am time on Thursday and write. It helped take my mind off work. So, how do you stay focused and motivated on achieving your goals when everything else seems to be overpowering? Well, first, it's important to remind yourself of your goals and why they're meaningful to you.

Working towards personal goals as a mom can be challenging, especially when you have an endless list of responsibilities. Staying motivated can be the difference between achieving your goals and letting them fall by the wayside. At the beginning of this month, I mentioned I have been working on my goals for quite some time, you would think I would’ve given up by now, but I like to think my dedication, motivation, and drive are untouchable. Maintaining motivation can be challenging, particularly when we face setbacks, obstacles, or failures. But the key is to keep going (read that again). While there are multiple Motivational books, podcasts, and videos you have to understand that no matter how much you watch, read, or listen it starts with YOU. The success of YOUR goals is driven by YOUR motivation. So, what can you do to stay motivated as a mom working towards her personal goals? I’ve listed a few tips below. Feel free to leave ideas in the comments for other moms to read!

1. Establish accountability: Share your goals with a friend, family member, or mentor. Having someone to hold you accountable can keep you on track and motivated.

2. Use inspiration from others: Look for inspiration from other moms who have achieved similar goals.

3. Create a vision board: Seeing your goals mapped out visually can help you stay motivated and focused on what you want to achieve.

4. Remind yourself why this is important: Write down why achieving this goal is important to you and put it somewhere you can see it every day.

5. Practice positive self-talk: Use positive affirmations to help you stay motivated and maintain a positive mindset.

6. Keep a positive attitude: Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.

7. Create a supportive network: Surround yourself with people who share your goals or who are working towards similar goals.

Mama, as I wrap up this weeks article remember to approach your goals in a balanced way that is sustainable and realistic. Most importantly never stop believing in yourself! If you found this month's articles to be inspiring and insightful, I invite you to join me next week as we delve into the concept of self-care for February.

As always mama I am rooting for you!


With Love,


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