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Law of Attraction

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Good Morning, Mama!!

Happy Sunday! I figured let me post today lets start our week off right with positive thoughts! First off, I wanted to start by thanking all the mamas who participated in my first giveaway last Sunday on my She's Not Your Average Mom page (FB)! I just wanted y'all to know I appreciate y'all, and the energy was AMAZING! For those who missed it, don't worry; I have another giveaway coming up on Mother's Day, so if you aren't on my FB mama, you better get on that! Now that I got that infomercial out that I know y'all were so desperately waiting to hear, I can continue with the topic of the day; let's talk law of attraction!

Mama, I need you to ask yourself, what do you attract? If you're sitting there pondering the question, it's okay because there was a point in my life that I didn't even think about it. Over the past couple of years, I've had some time to self-reflect, and mamas, I was disappointed in myself. I felt like I didn't have anything to show except my kids and keeping the house together. For some, that is an amazing accomplishment, but for myself, I've always wanted to do more outside of being a mom. To be clear, if your house is together, baby, give yourself a pat on the back, two shots of tequila, and two Jersey Shore fist pumps because baby, my shit is trifling. If you know me, I'm known for saying, "All I want to do is live in the city and by like Samantha," I'm telling y'all she was on to something, and if you don't know who Samantha is, baby, where have you been?!?

Honestly, mamas, it was a question my friend asked me a year or so ago; she said, "What year has been the best year of your life so far?" And y'all, it was at that point I was like DAMN DEEVONNNNN (read that in your best BYRRRRRRON voice) because I couldn't answer the question. Like how do I not know the best years of my life!?! Now granted, I am still in my prime, but at 31, I felt I hadn't accomplished enough. But in reality, I've accomplished a lot; it may not be in the order I wanted, but being a MOM is an ACCOMPLISHMENT, and mama, I need you to know that, don't ever doubt it! But now that my kids are a little bit older, I'm ready to start living again and achieve every goal I put on hold because I believed I couldn't do both! And it wasn't that I couldn't do both; it's that I trained my mind to think I couldn't. As moms, we have moments where we think about what we've accomplished in life, and is it enough? I'm here to tell you becoming a mom does not mean stop living your dreams! I'm speaking from experience; I stopped living for myself and living only for my kids, and in doing so, I lost my identity and who I wanted to become.

Remember at the beginning of the post; I asked you what do you attract? Have you figured it out yet? This is where I need you to take into consideration the law of attraction; what are you telling yourself? Are you filling your mind with negative thoughts? If you are, change it! I do my best to replace every negative thought I have with a positive thought. Yes, we are human, so it will take time; it won't happen overnight. I am still learning not to let my negative thoughts overpower me. However, I'm proud to say I finally stopped making excuses and enrolled back in college and will be graduating in the fall! I put my degree on hold because I allowed myself to believe I couldn't be a mom, work, and be a student; well, here I am crushing it! I do have my days where I'm overwhelmed, but that's life we all do! So whatever you think you can't do, know that you can!!! You deserve it all, mama; you just have to believe in yourself!

Today, mama, I challenge you to do something that you have convinced yourself that you can't do because guess what you can!!! I would love to hear in the comments below what you decided to do. As always, peace and blessings.



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Liah Shiresse
Liah Shiresse
Mar 28, 2021

I try to live by the law of attraction. It’s really hard when you have those bad moments and you can’t seem to shake the negativity. I actually noticed the other day I was in a bad mood everything was going wrong it took forever to come out my funk. it felt like nothing was going right until I did.

Mar 30, 2021
Replying to

thank you for sharing.

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