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Keeping UP with the Joneses or NOT

How many of you can say you dress your child up in the nicest clothes just to go to the park and then expect them to not get it dirty? I know I am guilty of that and looking back on my oldest, I wish I wouldn't have done that. However, I can tell you I didn't repeat that mistake with Oliver; you can catch him in the latest holy pants and his favorite Batman kicks. It may not be appeasing to my eye, but he is happy and playing and, most importantly, not working my last nerve, LOL! As you're reading this, I don't want you to think I don't dress my kids nice because I've learned my lesson; what I'm saying is; it's okay to not always have your child pageant ready.

We are not here to compete or see who has their child in the best clothes because Hunny, I've learned that lesson quickly, and I cannot keep up with the Joneses with these 3 kids! My firstborn Jalen, well, I had him in Polo, Jordans everything, and to be honest, it was more for me than him. He didn't care, and now he literally lives in his pajamas; God forbid he has to step out into the real world and stop playing Roblox. I remember when I bought him a pair of Jordans and told him, "You better not crease your kicks." Imagine telling a 5-year old that, and as your reading this, yes, mama, I was clearly out of my damn mind at the time (LOL)! My daughter Alana is 7 and is a GOT DAMN DIVA, and I'm partly responsible for that. Still, I will never admit that to my husband. I remember Alana going through a phase of light-up Sketchers, and I thought they were the ugliest things and didn't feel they were trendy enough for her, but she is my only daughter, so I gave in, and now I would give anything to have that back! My youngest Oliver, he loves his rain boots! They go with absolutely nothing, and the child loves to wear them, especially when the heat index is on death. I say all this to say our children have their own personalities, but we get so wrapped up in wanting our kids to be trendy and to have fashionable clothes but to put it blatantly, they just don't care! And I'm proud to tell you it only took me, two kids, to figure that out.

Today I challenge you to let your child pick his/her outfit out. Now I know in your heads, especially mamas with daughters, you're cringing at this idea; believe me, I am, but let's have fun with this, let THEIR personalities shine through! Let me know how it went; post your pictures below!! Can't wait to see their creativity! ( And yes Jalen is in his Pajamas, lol)

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