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Devon Leigh
Dec 21, 2020
In Welcome to the Forum
Good Morning, good afternoon, good evening, ladies! Wherever you are, I hope today brings you plenty of blessings and peace; LMAO, who am I kidding? Peace doesn't happen with children until they are fast asleep and tucked in bed, and mamas, that's when we get wild! (insert your Cardi B OWWWW) and by wild, I mean, knocked out on the bed with a book or if you're me it's a plate of cookies and my favorite drug of choice, calm down mama it's a joke!! I want to formally welcome you to She's Not Your Average Mom Blog! This forum is a safe place; if you got grips, complaints, advice, or need to vent about your day, this is the place! I created this forum so we could interact with each other. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, and with this virtual learning going on, I know I can't be the only mama flipping the f**k out!! My house is TRIFLING y'all!! As I'm writing this post, my 6-year-old is roller skating up and down the hallway, and y'all, I don't have the damn energy; it's 7:30am, and baby I'm F****n over it!!! I know, the day just started, LOL. But Mamas guess what it's WINTER BREAK, and we don't have to yell, "SIT DOWN!" GET BACK TO CLASS!" or "ASK YOUR TEACHER!" So ladies, grab you a drink and CELEBRATE because baby you just made it through the first half of virtual educational hell, I mean distant learning. If you can attest to this, go on and leave a comment below; if you can't go on and leave a comment below!! In the future, Mamas, I will add different sections to the forum, i.e., a general discussion board/ advice board/ tips & tricks and so much more! I hope y'all genuinely enjoy this blog. I hope to see you subscribe and participate in the forum! I wish y'all nothing but peace and blessings and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Don't forget to hit follow, like, and share y'all! XOXO Devon
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Devon Leigh

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