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Top 10 Winter Fashion Essentials

Mamas, Let's talk about it!!! How many of y'all like to shop?!? Let me start by saying I probably should be in shoppers anonymous, but "I promise I can validate every purchase I buy," says every woman everywhere! But since we are on the topic of shopping, let's talk about fashion essentials. Ladies, there are many items you can purchase that are versatile, meaning you can style them more than one way! And what does that mean for us?! We aren't wasting money because you will get more than one wear out of this!

What is your favorite item in your closet? For me it is JACKETS! I use jackets like an accessory; Jackets are like jewelry; there is no other way to put it. If I'm honest, it's frickin ridiculous how many jackets I own but if you think about it; Jackets are essential and can always add that extra flair to your outfit (see what I did there, justified my bull shit). But enough about my obsession with jackets, let's talk 10 fashion must-haves in your closet.

So let's begin! I think we all know a Moto Jacket/Trench Coat is winter fabulous!!! You can wear this Jacket in so many ways!! You can dress it up, dress it down or keep it casual, but I promise you it will breathe life into your whole look!

Ladies, what's the next best thing to a moto jacket? If you guessed the woman's Blazer, you are correct! I mean, there are so many ways to dress a blazer; you can keep it classy, you can make it sexy, or you can keep it casual with some jeans. The Blazer comes in so many styles and prints; there are endless opportunities with this timeless but classic piece.

This third piece absolutely screams EXTRA, and I'M FABULOUS, but ladies, just hear me out; Faux Fur Jacket!!! This is HOLIDAY ESSENTIAL, but if you're like me, "It's a let me go pick up some bread in aisle 8 at my local grocery store" (LOL). This Jacket can be worn casual as your statement piece, or you can dress it up. I wore mine with an emerald green above the knee sequin dress and baby, I was looking FIIIIOOONEEEE at the holiday dinner if I must say so myself....okay, moving on to your next essential piece.

The next essential piece is an all-time winter favorite, the Oversized Sweater! This piece doesn't need any explaining; you can wear an oversized sweater with just about anything! You can dress it up or dress it down; put on a cute lip, hair up, hair down doesn't matter because you will feel good, look good, and most importantly, you will be comfortable! And since we are talking sweaters, let's move it along to the next essential item.

Where are all my mamas that don't want to think about having to match different pieces together? This one is for you!!!! The Sweater Dress!! Ladies, this is a simple look that you can rock with flat thigh-high boots, heels or sneakers. There are many sweater dress styles, but the best thing about it; it's ONE PIECE!! So for the moms who find fashion a headache or just don't want to spend the time putting an outfit together, this piece is for you! Honestly, I love a sweater dress because you can belt them; it can be fitted, flared, or even off the shoulder. Mamas, there is a sweater dress out there for everybody, and I'm positive that you will feel and look amazing in it!!

Okay, now that I covered two sweater essentials, let me finish you off with the third one, a Duster Cardigan. I know what you're thinking, "Again Devon with the layers," but hear me out, this is the perfect cover-up; I'm not afraid to say I got some love handles baby, and it doesn't always go with the fit, so a duster cardigan gives me that little boost of confidence that I need! The duster cardigan goes with ANYTHING, and it comes in an assortment of colors!!! My favorite way to wear this duster is with a V-neck or Crew Neck Tee distressed jeans and ankle bootie. Now that I've gotten my layered items out the way let's talk about an essential top.

Ladies, this iconic top goes with everything and is a must in black and white, and what is it, you ask? It's a Turtleneck This piece goes with anything, whether it's jeans, dress pants, leggings, skirts, or even under a cute spaghetti strap dress; this top will never go out of style. Mamas, I'm telling you you can't go wrong with this! But ladies, if you do rock the turtle neck, do not let it be stretched out; that is just a big NO-NO.

You knew it was coming; what's a closet without Black Faux leather Leggings or Joggers!! Ladies, do I even have to go into further detail? What do moms love the most, LEGGINGS!!! But mamas, these leggings add a whole other dimension to your closet, there are endless ways to wear these, and for the mamas out there who don't necessarily like to rock a stiletto, you can pull it off with the right flat or sneaker. You can rock these with an oversized sweater, off the shoulder top, a blazer, faux fur jacket, turtle neck....or a simple fitted T-shirt or bodysuit; the list can go on, ladies; let your imagination run wild with these hot pants!

And lastly, my favorite is a Faux Leather Skirt or Skirt. I was going to make this a faux leather essential, but I thought, what's winter without a Satin, Skater, Flared, Sequin, Suede, or Pencil Skirt? There are just so many options and so many ways to wear these. Whether you decide to dress it up or dress it down, heel, boot, flat, sneaker, or Doc Martens, BABY you will look FABULOUS! My favorite is the faux leather skirt with a turtle neck or bodysuit and a strappy heel, Blazer, or faux fur jacket!

So there you have it my top 10 winter essentials!! And to be clear, ladies, this does not mean go out and buy every item; work with what you got!!! But if you are interested in some of these items, you can click on the bold print and it will take you to a link. Most of the items are from Target, NY&CO, Old Navy and Fashion Nova; and these stores always have sales or a coupon code, believe it or not, I'm a little frugal; I love a deal and despise paying full price for anything.

Ladies, if you have any of these items, I'd love to see you post a picture of you looking Fabulous!!! I hope y'all found this helpful. If you missed my article Let's Talk Fashion for the Busy Mom, go on and click the bold print, you may find what you are looking for.



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