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Let's Talk Fashion for the Busy Mom!

Ladies, let me just start by saying the season of LAYERS is here!!! Baby, I love it when fall and winter come because Hunty, I’m PLUS SIZE and tis the DEVON season to be EXTRA!!!! Don’t get it twisted, I love summer but chaffing and spraying deodorant under these double D’s; baby, I’m just so over it! So bring on the trench coats, scarfs, thigh-high boots, faux fur jackets, sequin dresses, over-sized sweaters, plaid print, moto jackets, and anything that sparkles! Because baby, I am here for it, and so should you!!

Halloween to New Years is probably the busiest time of the year for us mamas; I mean, let’s be honest, we are doing magic tricks day in day out to keep up with activities for our children. However, with Covid being here, it has slowed things down a little. But with Christmas in a couple days and New Years around the corner, what is the biggest thing we do as mamas?!? If you thought PHOTO OP, you are correct!! Mamas, we take pictures all the time around the holidays trying to capture memories for our children, so nine times out of ten, we are behind the camera or not in the photo, and it’s at least 1 out of 3 reasons:

  1. You are not picture ready because you didn’t have time to get dressed or do makeup

  2. You didn’t ask anyone to take a picture

  3. Or you got the photo taken, and you didn’t like how you looked, so you deleted it.

Mama’s I’m Queen of 1 and 3! So what can we do to avoid these 3 reasons; glad you asked! I’m going to list 5 go-to fashionable outfits for the busy mom. These outfits are simple and affordable and, most importantly, NOT TIME-CONSUMING! Now I have to warn you I like a pop of color (usually my layered item or accessory), but I mostly stick to Black, Grey, White, Nude, and I get a little wild at times and may have blush pink or a print.

For starters, Black is always a go to because it is classic and slimming no matter what you’re wearing. Think about it, ladies the primary colors I named literally go with anything, and what do we spend most of our time doing when we get dressed? You guessed it, trying to match, and as mamas, we don’t always have the time to do it because there is always a sibling rivalry, someone’s hungry, they need a snack, they can’t find their favorite toy; Baby it is always something with these children! But like I always say, lock the door and get yourself FABULOUS boo!! They will either work it out, be hungry, actually look for the toy, or DADDY will intervene; I say that last option lightly because Hunny...well, that’s just a whole other post.

Let’s address these 3 reasons in reverse, and if you are tired of reading and want to see the outfit suggestions, just go on and scroll to the bottom; my feelings won’t be hurt, mainly because I won’t know if you did it or not, Lol. So mamas let’s talk about deleting the picture we don’t like because of how we look; honestly, we all have those days, and I tell you from experience. I get in such a mood that I can ruin a whole outing.....I know that sounds horrible, but I’m a work in progress. To keep it short and simple, don’t delete the picture. It may not be social media worthy to you, but it’s a memory you’re going to wish you didn’t delete somewhere down the line. The second reason is plain and simple; just ask someone to take a picture of you and your family, I promise it’s not hard, and you would be surprised how willing people are to capture a memory for you! And lastly, let’s talk about 5 Fashion Fits that keep you fashionable and picture ready!!! Ladies keep in mind you can also dress these fits up with a heel. (I tried to keep it casual in all the photos but just know this is a very rare thing LOL).

  1. Faux leather leggings/ Oversized Coat/Mock Neck Crop Sweater

  2. Sweater Dress/Trench Coat (Ladies, you can NEVER go wrong with this, I promise)

  3. Black Jeans or Light Blue Jeans (regular or distressed) Turtleneck... Moto Jacket or Trench

  4. Body-Con Dress/ Trench Coat

  5. Jogger Set w/ Long or Short Teddy Coat

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