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Love Yourself First!!!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Mama's let's be honest with ourselves for a second, motherhood is challenging, and at times we let ourselves go because we become so wrapped up in the idea of being that "perfect parent" for our child. But Reality is PERFECT is unattainable; we are human, and every day you are growing and learning new things about yourself and, most importantly, your child. When you get wrapped up in the idea of being "PERFECT," it is easy to lose yourself, and it slowly becomes an uphill battle to maintain that idea! I've been there, and slowly but surely, I began to lose myself; and hunty when that happened, it wasn't a pretty sight (if you didn't read that last line in Madea voice, I promise you missed a good laugh).

As a mom of three, I began to realize my happiness played a massive role in my parenting. How many of you can say we put our children first? If you're reading this blog, I'm sure the answer is my child comes first. But I'm going to follow up that response with, why not put yourself first? What I began to realize three kids later, the oldest being 11, is that loving myself and having self-care days to unwind, relax and gather my thoughts is an integral part of being a happy and healthy mama to my children.

I want you to close your eyes and think, when was the last day you catered to yourself? When was the last time you put on those skinny jeans, heels, and favorite top? When was the last time you put on your favorite lipstick or went to the hair salon, or treated yourself to a mani-pedi? As a mom, we sometimes feel guilty treating ourselves; we talk ourselves out of doing things because we believe our children might need something, and nine times out of ten, they already have it. I'm not saying go blow an entire paycheck or savings account; I just want you to realize YOU matter, and taking care of yourself or doing something for you IS OKAY!!

Becoming a mother is a beautiful thing and will bring so much joy, but it is also physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. Loving yourself wholeheartedly and having self-care days can be the difference in how you approach parenting. When you learn to balance your needs and your child's needs, your stress levels can decrease; this is not to say there won't be times when you feel overwhelmed, but learning your self-care needs will play a huge role in balancing this journey we call motherhood.

If you can relate, leave a comment! I would love to hear how you make time for yourself! As always peace and blessings.



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