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Body Image Reality!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

BABBY!!!! THROW the WHOLE DAMN SCALE AWAY!! Mamas, unless you can go without weighing yourself every day, having a scale within reach is only hurting you. I say this from experience I use to weigh myself every day until I learned that our body weight can fluctuate daily. I use to stress myself out day in day out; I'm telling y'all a bish took her hair tie out her hair because, in her mind, every ounce counted (insert your LOL). Yes, mamas, I was pressed for the number on the scale to change! Ladies be realistic with yourself for a second, you carried your child/children for 9 months; your body is not just going to snap back to normal instantly. It takes time, healing, dedication, and one hell of a positive mindset.

How many of you can say shortly after giving birth and the bliss wore off, you would stare into a mirror and look at your body and start to pick at your flaws? I know I did. The first thing I did was grab my FUPA and baby 11 years ago; it wasn't as VOLUPTUOUS as it is now, being that I've had 2 more children. But I can tell you now that even after my third child, the one thing I did regret was my focus. I was so busy devaluing, talking down on myself, and picking at every single flaw I didn't embrace the fact that I brought 3 lives into this world, and Mamas, that's pretty F**ken magical! YOU are MAGICAL ain't no stretch mark, fupa, body roll...NOTHING that can change that about you!! READ THAT AGAIN!! So ladies, before you tear yourself down because you think you have to fit into society's perfect image of a woman, look at your son or daughter and say, I DID THAT SHIT!...and let's keep it 100 most of us women did the work in the bedroom anyway. I know I did! (Insert your best Cardi B OWWWW)

So today, Mamas, When you get a moment to yourself, I want you to put something sexy on and and look in the mirror and say everything you love about yourself! Don't focus on your flaws. Speak life over yourself daily, and in time your mindset will slowly start to change. Stay positive, mamas, and love yourself in every stage, shape, and chapter in your life!



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Devon Leigh
Devon Leigh

Yes, we are really our own worst critics! It doesn’t matter how many times someone can say we look amazing it is always followed with BUT.

As women we have to stop tearing ourselves down and take steps to loving our bodies in every stage and chapter of our life. I know I need to do better!


Mary Hawkins
Mary Hawkins

Yes. Love this. And usually the negative thoughts we are having about ourselves are not the thoughts of others. We are our own worst critics.


This post here about body image! So much truth I don’t know how many times I put myself down.

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