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Let's Get SEXY BACK!!!

Mama's Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening wherever you are, Let's Get YOUR SEXY BACK!!! How many of you dedicate the majority of your time to getting the kids ready, whether it's a family outing, school, or just a store run, just for y'all to look like who did it and why? BABBY!!! I got a few friends that can attest to you that I literally lived in sweat pants after my second child (I know that's hard to believe) unless for an outing with friends or attending a college class. So what was stopping me from putting on a cute outfit or doing my make up? GIRL, I was TIRED, and I didn't care about my appearance as much as I did about my children; I felt as long as they were clean and dressed to the nine, I was good, but the reality was I WASN'T!

I love fashion and dressing up and wearing HEELS. Still, after becoming a mom the third time around, I never granted myself enough time to get ready. Mamas, believe it or not, putting on something cute will boost your mood tremendously! What's the saying, "If you look good, you feel good!" As moms, we are always on the go, so allotted time doesn't happen often, and even then, I know you are getting interrupted by sibling rivalry or the famous saying, "Can I have a snack?" Sometimes you just got to stop everything you're doing, lock yourself in your room, turn the music up and get yourself pretty because TODAY, you are the PRIORITY!! The snack battle and who took the remote between the kids, I promise it will either work out itself or be drowned out by your favorite jam!!!! Ladies, whether it's a grocery store, Target, Walmart, or family outing TODAY IS YOUR DAY to remind yourself YOU STILL GOT IT! It's Friday Night ladies, GET SEXY! Not going anywhere, who cares!? GET SEXY! Nothing screams hot mama, then a red lip and folding laundry; while binge-watching Bridgerton!! If you have a significant other at home, go on mama and remind them why they knocked you up in the first place! OWWWWW.

Drop your pictures below and show me that you took time today to love on yourself!!!



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