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Fitness Dreaming

Good Afternoon MAMAS!!!

I'm feeling invigorated today! At 5:35 am, I was at the gym starting my healthy journey for the 10,655,850,001 time! Shout out to myself for making it only an hour past the original time I was supposed to be there! Procrastination a Bish! I'll have you know I wasn't kneeling over, nor did I meet with Jesus or see the sparkly white lights! Heart rate was a steady 170/175; shout out to the NAVY for teaching me if I don't feel like death I ain't working out hard enough, LOL. Y'all, my weight has gotten outta pocket, I believe I'm a solid 235, and I have ZERO ASS to show for it (Insert ugly cry). But babbbyyyyy, this year is my year! ASS, HIPS, and WAIST on deck. How many of y'all been where I am? Well, baby, you are not alone! Let's start our journey together! Mama, let me tell you if you have a friend who's willing to work out with you, encourage you, appreciate them and take advantage because hunty I can't afford a trainer! My one best friend is FITNESS goals, so I'm about to brag on her for a second!

I met Mya (KEYUNDRA) when I moved to VA. Mya and her husband are like real life IG body fitness/relationship goals, none of that edited shit we see on social media. But anyway, I was the weird neighbor looking out the window telling my husband, look, they working out together I want us to be like that (Say that in your whinny voice that drives your s/o crazy, lol). I don't make friends easily, but we finally spoke when I was cleaning out my storage, and y'all, I was like, okay, she built like Black Barbie, and her spirit was kind and humble (y'all know that is hard to find sometimes in a person). Anyway, my kids took to her, and I'm almost positive her favorite is Ollie (I don't know why that child work my last nerve, lol). But after two months of procrastination and playing sleep at 5:00 am, she finally got me in the gym ( I know you see the video of her below, yes she made me do ALL DAT), and yes, I lived to tell MY story!

BABBBBY, CHIIIILLD , WOOOOO she had zero mercy she had a whole set up, and we did HITT and baby clearly she believed in me more than I did because I was ready to cuss her whole ASS out, homegirl had me on ropes, doing shit I ain't even heard y'all I worked muscles I didn't even know existed!!! But BABBBY, by summertime, she had me running up hills and stairs and asking God why would you do this to me, but let me tell you, I was probably in the best shape of my life! And understand when I say the best shape, I don't mean skinny. I mean, I built my endurance, lost inches, and gained muscle. And most importantly, I gained confidence and self-love for my body! I tried to get my husband to come out to Mount Trashmore (a bomb ass Park in VA) I just wanted to show off and shit on him (calm down, mamas, it's a friendly competition). However, I won by default because he wasn't "ready," lol. But mama here we are in 2021 and hunty I have put on at least 20lbs since covid and my best friend is expecting (y'all this is her first child and baby she is GLOWING and BEAUTIFUL) and I couldn't be happier for her (Y'all welcome her to the mama club)! But now who is going to whoop my ass into shape?! I dead ass want to throw a whole tantrum like how dare she starts a family, lol (WOO child, the CANCER in me is emotional and a tad controlling, but that's a topic for another day).

But mama, I said all that to say this when you start your workout journey, don't be hard on yourself because guess what, the fact that you have committed yourself to wanting a healthier lifestyle is a start! We all start somewhere!!! Mya taught me to take one day at a time and to not burn myself out during a workout (which I used to do a lot), and best of all, ladies she didn't tell me to stop eating or starve myself! Baby, if you know me....well, you know a bish love to eat!!! Meal prepping and portion control will become your best friend! And most importantly, SUPPORT! Mama having a friend to go to the gym with and motivate and push you past your limits (because believe me, I was content with my little cardio) will help you tremendously. If you're lucky enough to have a friend that loves fitness and making your fat cry appreciate that friend because having a friend that wants to see you win can make your journey that much easier! So if you're reading this and you are just starting or recommitting to a healthier lifestyle, YOU GOT THIS!!! It won't be easy but guess what, nothing in life is, but don't QUIT, one bad day is just that! And mama, I can't stress this enough DO NOT TEAR YOURSELF DOWN; while on this journey, a positive mindset will get you further than a negative one! And lastly, STAY OFF THE GOT DAMN SCALE, your body weight will fluctuate, and nine times out of ten, it is just water retention, so don't stress! Enjoy the journey no matter how hard it gets because the payoff will be amazing! Believe in yourself, and if you can't right now, guess what I BELIEVE IN YOU, so don't stop until you reach your goal!

Mama, today I challenge you to take one step towards a healthier lifestyle, and it doesn't just have to be weight loss; it can be from any aspect of your life! I would love to hear what step you took in the comments below! As always, peace and blessings!



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Feb 12, 2021


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